With Immortality On The Horizon, Will We Be Able To Survive The New Technological Transition?

With Immortality On The Horizon, Will We Be Able To Survive The New Technological Transition?


Mimetic Evolution or the collective will of humanity to imitate the most successful achievements of nature with technology, has finally set in. At this dawn of artificial intelligence humanity is trying to not only find its place again, but to do the inevitable, the inescapable – merging with the technology we created. We have to be the artificial intelligence by incorporating the transcendent aspects of an artificiality that otherwise could easily become a mastermind, both in control of us and out of control.

Yes, it will begin slowly with AI helping us to achieve dreams of humanity, ways for us to live longer and healthier. Just ask what the many biotech companies focus on and the answer unanimously will be putting an end to aging.

The idea of eternal youth and immortality is a blessing, albeit a mixed one. We learned that progress never stops and it isn’t plausible to think that we now revert back and suddenly stop working on machine learning and connected devices as well as connected thinking.

However, the major question, the superhuman elephant in the room is the serious psychological problem that comes with this new territory. It is about to rip apart the fabric of our society and will be far more disruptive than any doomsday prediction out there.

Humanity is constantly resonating to thoughts and models of a society mainly driven by fear, greed and anger. We are a species with amnesia in a sense that we know that we are primed to repeat our past failures but when the time for change comes, we all act in hubris and denial. In other words, our understanding of how a society works for the benefit of all is absolutely limited and stuck in the quicksand of time.

We try to conquer the brave new world with ideas of the past, unable to adapt and this leads to a path of self-destruction.

The need for change is now and as Elon Musk so eloquently points out, we need to regulate the intelligence that’s getting more and more artificial and even intrusive right now. We also need to have a plan of some sorts, a need to communicate this plan to the people and a way of implementing the new ideas to weave a new and fitting fabric for society.

Yes, there are many potential paths to immortality that technology has to offer, but we won’t get there or anywhere near without concentrating on this subject as probably the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced.

There are only a handful of examples or people aiming to tackle this enormous problem, if you will. Founded and funded by Russian Billionaire Dmitry Iskov back in 2011, there is a so-called 2045 movement.


The ultimate goal of the movement is to become immortal with the help of technology. With just about 50.000 members they didn’t come close to being recognized in the consciousness of the masses so far, but at least it is one of the strategic social initiatives we do need.

The main focus and ideology of the movement is still “to create technologies enabling the transfer of an individual’s personality to a more advanced non-biological carrier, and extending life, including to the point of immortality.”

They are referring to these carriers as Avatars and have come up with a chronology going hand in hand with the assumed state of technology until the year 2045.

You can see that in the end, what they are up to, is a society living in hologram. This is actually a little awkward as we all could be in the midst of a holographic arrangement that we like to call our universe, but nonetheless – the goal is to disembody and survive as a species in an evolutionary step known to some as Mimetic Evolution.

The main question, though, will remain and doesn’t just go away because a surrogate is incorporating your consciousness. Mimicking the world as in ‘interact interactive’ is not enough, as it still leads to fundamental philosophical questions only a few, like Ray Kurzweil, actually pondered.

Will there be a peace of mind ones we are able to travel and reach the outer limits of a consciousness and as such live forever? Are we as a species in any position to embark on such an adventure.

This journey will lead us to ourselves, it will confront us with new concepts of space and time, and honestly, we are not even able to understand space-time in its current form or the quality of all (anti-) matter out there.

We need to discuss the singularity at hand and we need to experiment with many new ways of transforming a society to be on par with the technology it uses. Especially when technology has gotten so far as to turn into a silent servant, we as a society need to raise our voice and become aware of the situation before being reduced to zeroes and/or ones. We need substance and discourse to survive within an avatar or that’s the end of our simulation.

Right now, the gap between our archaic structures and the technology we use needs to be closed. Otherwise, we might be on the wrong side of history.

So, It could be said that if we do not act now and concentrate on what lies before us, we will not survive the day we could become immortal… but maybe we were never meant to be.

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