About Me

Hi there, My name is Koen and I’m highly motivated to contribute to the future of DevOps, Artificial intelligence (Machine Learning) and Cyber Security!

I’m an ambitious starting Security professional.

Right now i’m learing all about what it takes to be the Security OPS (PenTesting) of the future. In my freetime i work daily with Kali Linux, RedHat and more.

I am also completely obsessed about the future of A.I. Aka Machine learning (and people like ray kurzweil) as it will not only revolutionize every industry but also creates challenging moral and philosophical questions about humanity, consciousness and ethics!

I’m global oriented and prefer to communicate in English, i’ve taught English when i was living in Hong Kong for 2 years.

Development is another passion of my, i’m working hard on becoming a C# dev.
As for security, it fills me with passion to come up with most innovative and efficient solutions, i love to think about, how to make organizations more secure, without interrupting ‘​’regular” work time and avoiding down time. How much security does a company really need? What if it disturbs the workflow and how can we make it as practicable as possible without giving up on vital security protocols? These questions are my driving force.

Right now i’m studying for my certification( CISSP )

Are you interested in my passion or just interested a cup of coffee and / or a pleasant conversation?, Let me know!