Arma3 Mod: Dystopian RPG

click here to get an insight to some of the code that’s running this mod

This mod was created when i wondered how far people are willing to go and to which extent team work is possible in a digital environment where you will not be hold accountable and the only recognizable “you” is your digital avatar.

This mod focuses on 3 sides.

  1. The administrator
  2. Civil protection team
  3. Citizens / Terrorists

The Land of City 25 is a dystopian one, it is ruled by a ruthless dictator known as the administrator, the area of City 25 is small in size and leaving the area known as City 25 would results in either death administered by a Civil protection team or death by the nuclear radiation which is present anywhere besides City 25, forcing players to stay in a relatively small space.


The administrators job is to make sure all citizens are compliant, use of lethal force is authorized and will be authorized, as a matter of fact, if you fall out of line as a citizen you can be sure it will be authorized. The administrator makes sure that citizens follow suit, wake up, go to work, then whether you give them food is completely up to you.

The Administrator not only has access to cameras all over City 25, he/she also has the ability to command and control the Civil protection team, grant or deny citizen access to food, demand citizen work in the factory and label citizens as terrorists



Civil protection team is there to follow the orders of the administrator, orders will be either broadcasted through your walki talki or through the public announcement system

Use of lethal force is allowed when citizens pose threats or resist arrest.



When martial law is announced by the administrator, your job is to make sure all citizens are in their homes, anyone seen outside should be rounded up, send to jail or  executed on the spot.


In order to enforce your authority, you have been given a stun gun, standard lethal rifle, sidearm, troop transport and a high speed interceptor.


Citizen! your job is to follow the orders of our benevolent Administrator, he knows whats best and Civil protection is here to keep you safe.


When a broadcast is in progress, you listen. When the public announcement system tells you to get in line to be counted, you listen. When the administrator tells you its time to go to the factory, you listen and do.


Citizens have the possibility to join the resistance, start a civil war and overthrow the administrator, location of the resistance is unknown , in order to look for it you must first escape your sad existence.


Current progress of mod: 50% finished




Arma2 Mod: Bomb Defusal

click here to get an insight to some of the code that’s running this mod


Heavily inspired by the movie Hurt Locker, an ID has been located and it is up to you and your COOP partner to defuse it!

One player investigates the bomb itself, how many wires are there? What does the bomb say? While the other player gives instructions how to proceed. Mess up, and the bomb will go off!


Current progress of mod: 75% finished



Arma2 Mod: Airplane Sim